Tips for Flying While Pregnant (and Why It’s Not So Bad!)

Flying while pregnant is a scary thought. Tight quarters. Growing bump. Morning Sickness. Standing up to use the lav every 15 minutes. And any other terrifying thing you can think of. It all sounds terrible.

But getting that glorious reboot with your partner on a babymoon? That involves flying while pregnant. Luckily for you, we’ve got some tips! Well, Brittany does. Nick doesn’t contribute much to this one.

Tips for Flying While Pregnant | Family on Standby
…It’s easy to survive in Polaris.

In this 2-Minute Travel Tip (fun fact: they’re never two minutes), Brittany talks about things she does to survive flying during pregnancy. So go ahead, rock that baby bump and travel with confidence to all corners of the world.

Flying while Pregnant? Do this:

  • Timing your flight (time of day, trimester, etc).
  • The ideal travel clothing.
  • Pick the good seats.
  • Get the worthwhile travel accessories.
  • Pack snacks. Yup.
  • Get there early and pack light.

Check it out: Brit gives you all the details on making it through travel day! And if you’re thinking about taking your toddler on a trip with you while you’re expecting (bless your heart), we’ve got some tips for that, too!

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How do you survive flying while pregnant?

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8 thoughts on “Tips for Flying While Pregnant (and Why It’s Not So Bad!)”

  1. Jenn | By Land and Sea

    I think you have some great tips here, even if you’re not expecting! There are many things people can do to make flying a little more comfortable. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved this video! I was a flight attendant when I was pregnant with my daughter, so I have lots of flying-while-pregnant experience. You covered all the bases – especially bringing snacks. Lots of snacks! 😀

  3. I don’t see myself as ever flying pregnant 🙂 But I’m sure your tips will help those that are – good on you for living life on your terms.

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