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Welcome! We’re Nick, Brittany, and Olivia. We are Family on Standby! And we’re so glad you’re here and ready to join us on our adventures. Travel is one of our greatest passions and we love exploring new cultures and destinations. Before we became a family of 3, we would travel as often as we could. And since adding our energetic daughter to the clan, nothing has changed. We still love to travel as often as we can.

Family on Standby
Just another day in London

We do nearly all our traveling on standby…or on the fly. We show up at the airport and hope for the best. I work in the airline industry and in order to save money, all of our flights are on the standby list. Yes, it can be stressful. Yes, people think we’re nuts. Yes, sometimes we spend our entire day at the airport and still don’t make a flight. But it’s always an adventure and it allows us to travel the world whenever we want! We hope you’ll join us for all of our family travels. Read more about Family on Standby!

We post new travel videos every Sunday!!

The Latest Family on Standby Videos:


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