Hello World!

This is the default title for most blogs ever designed. 99.99% of all people get rid of it and start fresh. But not us! Not Family on Standby. It’s all to appropriate for what we’re doing. So, with that:

Hello, World!

Welcome! We’re Nick, Brittany, and Olivia. And we’re so glad you’re here and ready to join us on our adventures. Travel is one of our greatest passions and we love exploring new cultures and destinations. Before we became a family of 3, we would travel as often as we could. And since adding our energetic daughter to the clan, nothing has changed. We still love to travel as often as we can.


People always told us to travel before kids because after kids you can’t travel. Those people are missing out. Traveling as a family has allowed us to create so many awesome memories! We take Olivia everywhere with us. Occasionally, we’ll do a couples trip, but for the most part we feel there’s nowhere we can’t take her. You can truly make any destination kid friendly. Though, we do try to find family friendly hotels or rentals and activities that will be fun for her in every place we visit. She’s become quite the rockstar at traveling. We often have to be flexible and she just rolls with the punches. Part of the hope for this blog is to inspire other families nervous about planning a trip with kids (or maybe you already travel with kids, which is awesome!).


Aside from very few exceptions, we do all our traveling on standby…or on the fly. We show up at the airport and hope for the best. You’re probably wondering why we would do that to ourselves. Nobody likes showing up to the airport without a confirmed ticket. I mean, nobody. The cut and dry answer is that I work in the airline industry and in order to save money, all of our flights are on the standby list. Yes, it can be stressful. Yes, people think we’re nuts. Yes, sometimes we spend our entire day at the airport and still don’t make a flight. It’s always an adventure and it allows us to travel to so many cool destinations.

By the way, we only have 10 vacation days per year to work with at our jobs. So it’s not as though we have unlimited time to travel. We do what we can. Short weekend trips are kinda our thing at this point.

Why We Travel



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We’re excited to tell our stories, and we hope you’ll join us. You can read more about us and our goals on our “About Family on Standby” page here.

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