Best Places To Take Pictures in Athens Greece? Try This Instagram Tour

Guys. We know. You’re probably wondering, what is an Instagram tour and why do I care? Well, that’s why you’re here. An Instagram tour isn’t something you hear about everyday. But it’s the easiest way to discover the best places to take pictures in Athens Greece.

OK – You have to watch our video…

Instagram Tour by Truevoyagers

When we landed on Athens as our destination, we decided we needed something to fill our time that wasn’t chasing a toddler around. So somewhere between getting confirmed seats on our flight to landing at ATH, we found and signed up for the Athens Instagram Photo Tour by Truevoyagers. We’ve been on our fair share of tours, but we’d never heard of an Instagram tour… and that’s one of our rules. Do something new every trip.

Athens Instagram Tour by Truevoyagers

This tour will take you to the most Instagram-worthy sights around Athens downtown, where you’ll snap photos and experience the urban environment of the city. Immerse yourself in the ancient and modern Greek culture while exploring popular neighborhoods.

Truevoyagers description of the Instagram tour

Much like you, we weren’t sure what to expect. Would it be cliché and kitschy? Or maybe it would be rushed? Would we literally just be taught how to post on IG? It was none of those, thankfully! Our guide and founder, Pascal, was a great host. Our group was small, just the two of us and two others (who, by the way, spoke only Spanish, so we got two descriptions of everything!) walking around the city.

What’d We See?

We don’t want to give too much away (you can see it on the video!) but we figure we have to give at least some details. The tour started at Syntagma Square where we watched the changing of the guard, followed by a big loop around the city making stops at the National Gardens, Zappeio Hall, the Panathenaic Stadium, Temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch, through Plaka and some assorted tiny churches, all the way up some of the back side of the Acropolis! You will definitely see some of the best places to take pictures in Athens. And because you’re guided by a local – many of these places wouldn’t be found on your own.

Athens Instagram Tour by Truevoyagers

Why Not Just Walk Yourself?

This is what we normally do. Athens is overwhelming for a first timer; so many places that are must-see, iconic, and historically significant. And for us, we had only two full days to accomplish everything. So this walking Instagram tour served a couple purposes: it let us walk around and familiarize ourselves with the city and let us see all the major sites (at least from the street) to decide what we wanted to visit in depth. The pleasant surprise: we learned a TON about Athens, its history, and its culture. Pascal performed a great tour and we learned so much more than we even expected.

We certainly “could have” done this on our own. But we’d never have learned what we did, nor would we have had the pleasant conversation with locals that we got. We even made an unscheduled stop in a neighborhood church where they gave us a tour and history lesson of its own right. Amazing.

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Pics or it Didn’t Happen

Ok, ok. We’ll keep some stuff in the video, but ask and you shall receive. Here are some of the Insta-worthy pictures we were able to capture along the way. We think they turned out nice!

Athens Instagram Tour by Truevoyagers
Athens Instagram Tour by Truevoyagers
Athens Instagram Tour by Truevoyagers
Athens Instagram Tour by Truevoyagers
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Athens Instagram Tour by Truevoyagers
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What’s the best tour you’ve ever taken on a trip?

4 thoughts on “Best Places To Take Pictures in Athens Greece? Try This Instagram Tour”

  1. Really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing! I do my own little Instagram tours when I travel. I would definitely take one in Athens now, you have got some really good shots and locations. Great video as well! (:

    Ashlee |

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  3. Christin Whitehead

    Thank you for sharing. We are doing a Greek Isles cruise and are thinking about booking this for our 1 night after the cruise as it will be our anniversary. I noticed they are single pictures. Did Pascal offer to take pictures together as a couple? Did you just fo the ones on your phone, get prints made or the instamatic ones?

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