Where to Stay in Athens: Athenian Residences

Where to Stay in Athens with Family: Athenian Residences

At the time of publishing this article, there were 1,964 hotels listed in Athens, Greece on Orbitz.com. That’s a large number of rooms to sort through. So we’re here to make a suggestion if you’re looking for where to stay in Athens with family: check out the Athenian Residences for your next trip. It’s a quaint, boutique hotel in the city center of Athens. It’s less than a quarter mile to the Acropolis and is easy walking distance to Monastiraki train station. And for being in such a busy area, you feel secluded once you pass the main entry gate into the pool courtyard.

Why the Athenian Residences?

If you’ve been following our travels for any amount of time, you know one thing about us: we love locally run businesses. Be that hotels, restaurants, stores, whatever. That generally translates to boutique hotels for us. We’re not looking for long corridors of the same copy and pasted room. We’re in search of the unique, quiet, and personable. Athenian Residences is the latter.

What’s down there?

Finding Athenian Residences and Checking In

Instead of taking a cab (Uber isn’t in Athens) and spending a fortune, we opted for the Metro, got off at Monastraki Station, and walked to the hotel. It took us maybe 5-10 minutes to walk there, enjoying the views along the way. Totally worth it.

Where to Stay in Athens: Athenian Residences
Just a quick 6 minute walk from Monastraki to Athenian Residences

Once we got there, we were greeted personally, by name, which is super refreshing after a 20-hour travel day. It’s another perk of boutique hotels: only a few guests means they know personally who is coming and going! After a quick check-in process, we were led up to our room and given a quick tour. They carried our bags for us, which was super nice, because there was no elevator. So just one word of warning on that front.

Where to Stay in Athens: Athenian Residences
An awesome little pool!

Unexpectedly Spacious!

Entering the room, you’re instantly greeted by the large living room, kitchen, and dining space. Look, we’ll be honest here. This room was bigger than our first apartment in Chicago. It is huge! With a bathroom immediately to the right, another large bathroom, closet, and bedroom to the left, and then a huge balcony overlooking the pool behind you, it is hard to decide where to explore first! Even though we were here for our babymoon, we couldn’t help but think this would have been a perfect place to bring the kiddo. So dang roomy! If you’ve never been to Athens before or you’re looking for where to stay in Athens with family and you want space to spread out, this will give you an excellent base for all your adventures.

Where to Stay in Athens: Athenian Residences
So much room for activities!

Amenities at Athenian Residences

The hotel might be small, but the list of amenities is not. Our visit was enhanced by uncommon comforts like Netflix in room, fully stocked bathroom, a fully stocked fridge, espresso in room, an in-room breakfast box menu, a cute soaking pool and outdoor patio, and a special surprise waiting for us on the table.

Where to Stay in Athens: Athenian Residences

Want to Know More About the Athenian Residences and Neighborhood?

Check out our video! We give a video tour (at the top of the page!) of the room and property and show you some of the surrounding area. Plus, we find the best souvlaki we’ve ever had. Ah-mazing.

Spoiler alert: we are in love with the Athenian residences and can’t recommend it enough. Some of the pictures above are of other rooms that we didn’t stay in, so we posted some comparative ones so you can see how unique everything else. The walkthrough REALLY shows the size and quality of this place!

We want to visit in the summer to really take advantage of that pool after a long day of exploring. Truly a unique find.

And for a cool activity in Athens, check out the Athens Instagram Tour!

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