Welcome to Family on Standby

We’re Nick, Brittany, Olivia, and Everett. Otherwise known as Family on Standby. And we’re so glad you’re here and ready to join us on our adventures. Before we had kids, people told us to get it out of our system before we couldn’t travel anymore. Those people were wrong. Travel with kids is not only possible, it’s rewarding. So, come join us as we prove it!

What is Flying Standby?

When you work for an airline, one of the biggest benefits (or as we, in the biz, call them: bennies) is free plane tickets. The only hitch there is that you only get it if there are seats available. Standby travel, non-revenue space available (NRSA), or space available (SA) travel are all other words to describe it. It’s free… if you get a seat!

Aside from very few exceptions, we do all our traveling on standby…or on the fly. We show up at the airport and hope for the best. You’re probably wondering why we would do that to ourselves. Nobody likes showing up to the airport without a confirmed ticket. I mean, nobody. The cut and dry answer is that Brittany works in the airline industry and in order to save money, all of our flights are on the standby list. Yes, it can be stressful. Yes, people think we’re nuts. Yes, sometimes we spend our entire day at the airport and still don’t make a flight. But it’s always an adventure and it allows us to travel to so many cool destinations.

Join The Standby List

We can’t guarantee you a seat on the plane, but we can certainly keep you entertained while you wait to board. We’ll send you the latest in family travel and anything that we think will help you and your family get the most out of your vacation time.

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